tough decisions

by jbkeenanjr


We live in the greatest Representative Democracy to have ever existed on earth. We have the right to practice our faith within bounds we all agreed to as voted on by our representatives in Congress.

So, you lose a vote, the other side wins, and you decide to continue to live here you must abide by the law of our nation regardless of whether or not it violates your religious principals. One cannot benefit from the system, run a business, live here, breathe or anything else here unless you are willing to go to prison for disobeying the law.

If your faith means that much to you and you cannot vote to elect enough reactionary politicians to make your position the majority position then you should go to jail…if you really believe what you say you believe in. Go ahead. Do what you like. But just as in matters of faith, in our world, be prepared to pay the price for your actions.