The New Ten Commandments, plus one

by jbkeenanjr

I.   $ am the lord thy god.

II.  Thou $halt have no other god$ before me. Thou $halt balance the budget.

III. Thou shalt not speak ill of any other Republican.

IV.  Thy workers will labor 24/7 for as little as you can pay.

V.  Thou shalt honor only conservative Supreme Court nominees.

VI.  Thou shalt bear heat, stand thy ground, bomb the shit out of THEM and use nukes if you have them.

VII.  Thou shalt grab them by their pussies and oppose abortion.

VIII.  Thou $halt pay no taxe$. Thou shalt not pay a living wage. Thou shalt not feed the hungry, clothe the neckid, visit the imprisoned, care for the sick, nor comfort the elderly.

IX.  Thou shalt speak alternative facts.

X.  Marriage is meant for one man and a series of progressively younger women.

XI.  Thou shalt win.